New Website

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New Website

Welcome to Reb's Designs 


As comes with all things, there will of course be a few things that need fixing, editing or changing. If you come across any of these things, feel free to contact our support team in the bottom right.


New Features

There were many reasons that I've been wanting to switch websites, one of them being more features, customizability and much more. This shop enables many features such as

  • Gift Cards
  • Different payment methods
  • Support chats
  • Easy Customizability 
  • News updates
  • Categories
  • Instant customer role
  • Web hooks
  • and so much more!


To purchase items you will need to create an account, you can do so here

Once you have purchased something, if your Discord ID is matching the same one in our Discord it will auto assign you the customer role!



As i'm sure many of you have some questions, I will be inserting a small FAQ below. If you have anymore feel free to contact our support team by email, or by using the "Chat with us" button in the bottom right.



How do I download mods I have purchased in the past?

Answer: Click here and login with discord to access those.

You mentioned there will be more payment types, how come there is only PayPal and Venmo?

Answer: I am currently in the works with Shopify to get more payment types added back, we were encountering some issues when there were installed. The estimated time for this is 2 days.

When a buy an item, how do I download it?

On the orders page, it will automatically pop up with the download to your mod, if you for some reason cannot download it, they will also be emailed to you.

Do I need an account to purchase a mod?

In order to purchase a mod, you will need to create an account.

Will I receive updates after purchasing?

Updates are automatically emailed to all customers who have purchased a mod.

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